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My whole life I have been on or around motorcycles and knew I want to ride one, but not just a stock run of the mill Harley. I wanted to build one. My first bike was a Suzuki 80cc that I would ride everyday even in the snow. I changed ever thing I could even painted it a horrible color, but I was 12. So when I was about 20 I decided to work with metal. I was always a garage guy; it was like my home away from home. I would get off work and go straight to the garage and build go-karts knowing one day I was going to build a motorcycle. Over the years I got better and better with metal, welding, and grinding and POW! I bought my first bike, well traded one of my go-kart for a 1979 yamaha xs400. Over the years I have built a lot of bike for friends, family, and paying customers and was a dream of mine to open a shop. The more I get into the business/industry the more and more it pushes me away. Like all builders I will use one of the most useful tools in my garage (computer) the forums are very useful and helped me out a lot. I always come across the “PRO” that mother F’s this and that, talking about his shop and how he will do this and that different and what you have done wrong. It always seems to amaze me how the “PRO” dogs on the garage builder on everything. The garage guy come home from work and goes straight to the man cave and grinds and cut and build something amazing from half the tools the “PRO” has, and in the morning wake up early and head to work with greasy, cut, and sore hand from the night before and on this break he looks through magazines and the internet just to learn what to do next and to find parts. The Garage guy is the guy that keeps this life style going. When I was little all my mom’s friends were drinking and working on their bikes every weekend, and not one of them owned a shop or thought of them self as a “PRO” they just love motorcycle and there club and they taught me one rule never disrespect another mans bike. So when it comes down to whom will you want to share a beer with the “PRO” or the garage guy? I personal think the “PRO” has bigger and better computers then bikes because I read the shit talking but never see the bikes.  So lets see your garage built rides.

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